Clambering around the Alabama Hills outside Lone Pine. In a dress.

Slowly getting through pictures from my three weeks in California & Nevada. Click here for the rest of the pictures on my flickr page.

So my friend Will took me to the range today. It was really fun! I got to shoot a .17 bolt action rifle (that’s the one I’m shooting in the picture), and also the first picture of the target (chest). I had a few practice shots, but my aim and grouping were both pretty good. (Will was kinda impressed.)

The other shots are from a .22 semiautomatic rifle, and my aim was off because the scope was calibrated for 50 yards. Shot two magazines, and one shot from each was off so 4/5 was pretty good.

Then Will grabbed some shotgun shells off the ground and wedged them in the target. Put a hole through this one on my first try, and knocked the primer out of where it usually is.

Then he pulled out his 12 gauge pump shotgun, and that was really fun. Lot more kick to that and I might have a bruise on my shoulder tomorrow. But it was a good time and now I know how to shoot a gun safely.

So tumblr decided to delete my account for no reason.

I have no idea what happened or why, but suddenly one day my account and blogs were just gone. According to their support people they have no idea what happened and they don’t have the ability to restore my old blogs.

So I’m starting over, I guess.